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Controlled Ozone Monitor

Do you control the emission of ozone from your extraction system to comply with safe level guidelines?


Are you complying with the current clean air guidelines on the discharging of ozone from commercial kitchen extraction systems?


The Co Monitor controls the amount of ozone being discharged, either at the point of termination of the extraction ducts or in areas that are sensitive to exposure to ozone levels which exceed permitted levels.

Monitor image.jpg

Once the monitor detects high levels of ozone it will communicate with the Controlled Ozone Injector to reduce or stop generating ozone until safe levels are reached.


Using a Co Monitor will give long term safeguards from excess ozone.


  • Adjustable PPM level detection

  • Plug and play monitoring

  • Replaceable GSS sensors

  • External control outputs

  • Compatible with existing BMS interfaces


  • Ozone emission level detection

  • Control of ozone

  • Health and safety monitoring

  • External and Internal air quality monitoring

  • Real-time ozone gas concentrations continuously monitored

  • Alarm and data logging available

  • Active sampling for improved accuracy


  • Real-time ozone gas concentrations shown continuously on display

  • Multiple outputs for control of external devices e.g. Controlled Ozone injectors

  • Alarm and data logging options available

  • Active sampling for improved accuracy


  • Sensor type - Analytic Gas Sensitive Semiconductor

  • Sensor specifications – Gaseous Ozone

  • Sampling method - Active sampling

  • Operational mode - Continuous Control 

  • Visual monitoring indicators -

    • Green:  Power on​

    • Amber:  Monitoring ozone levels

    • Red:      Ozone limit exceeded - ozone production suspended

  • Operational temperature - 0°C to 40°C

  • Operational relative humidity - 10% to 90% non-condensing

  • Warm up time - 10 minutes

  • Relay set point - User configurable

  • Digital output - RS 232 and RS 485

  • Analog output - 0-5 VDC (8 bit)

  • Relay output - 24 V; 5A (max.)

  • Buzzer alarm (optional) - Internal piezo 85db @ 30 cm

  • Power supply - 12 VDC; 800mA; Plug-in AC power adaptor supplied

  • Operating environment - -5 to 50°C |5 to 95% RH (non condensing)

  • Enclosure rating – Weatherproof

  • Enclosure dimensions - 200L x 150W x 95H (mm);

  • Enclosure casing - Flame resistant thermoplastic PS

  • Enclosure mounting - Screw fix

  • Weight – 1.5 KG (excludes AC power adaptor)

  • Approvals - Part 15 of FCC Rules

    • EN 61000-6-3: 200​

    • EN 61000-6-1: 2001

Controlled Ozone Units

Monitor information and install instructions

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