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 Controlled Ozone System 

Our newly launched Controlled Ozone System comprises of a control panel and between 1 and 4 variable injectors to match the demands of the extraction system.


The level of Ozone being called off is indicated by the LED bulbs illuminated on the control panel, for example, with LED A and B on Injector 1 delivery is 20grams; LEDs up to A on Injectors 3 = 50grams etc. 


Injector 1 on its own  

A)   up to 0.9 m³/s the ozone delivery is 10 grams

B)   up to 1.8 m³/s the ozone delivery is 20 grams

Injectors 1 and 2 on                 

A)   up to 2.7 m³/s the ozone delivery is 30 grams

B)   up to 3.6 m³/s the ozone delivery is 40 grams

Injectors 1, 2 and 3 on             

A)   up to 4.5 m³/s the ozone delivery is 50 grams

B)   up to 5.4 m³/s the ozone delivery is 60 grams


Injectors 1, 2, 3 and 4 on         

A)   up to 6.3 m³/s the ozone delivery is 70 grams                                              

B)   up to 7.2 m³/s the ozone delivery is 80 grams


To ensure that the levels of ozone being discharged are within guidelines, we have the Co515 monitor which will cut the ozone production by 10g of ozone at a time until the monitor registers the desired ppm concentration of ozone at discharge.


  • Fully controllable by information gathered from both electronic air pressure switch and if required by ozone monitor


  • Will deliver correct concentration of ozone from 0.9 to 7.2 m³/s of air flow


  • Delivers low dwell times as it can inject active ozone into the system at the earliest possible opportunity


  • Will not exceed permitted ozone discharge levels (when used in conjuncton with Co515 montior)


  • Can deliver ozone to multiple points within the extraction system to suit requirements ie. Plenum, ducts either before or after fans and inline filtration


  • Easy to install


  • Additional injectors can be added to the system easily


  • Only uses power when it is required


  • Control Panel can be sited away from injectors – in a position that is easy to view 


  • Low capital and running costs


  • 12 months warranty

Control panel lights on.jpg
BMS Injectors x2 .png

Downloadable documents

Co System

Co Install Sheet

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