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Electrostatic Filters

Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs) work by ionising and trapping grease and smoke particles onto collector plates within extraction systems. They have a high particulate removal efficiency, removing sub-micron particles as much as 99.5%. Exhaust air flows through two sets of ioniser cells and collector plates to ensure maximum efficiency.

  • Existing fans do not need to be upgraded

  • Four stage filtering/cleansing system for maximum efficiency

  • Cleans polluted air from kitchen exhausts, welding, soldering, diesel smoke, and more.


Four Stage Filtration:

  • Stage 1 - Media pre-filter, designed to arrest small particulate (Grade EU4)

  • Stage 2 - Ionising sub-micron particulate such as smoke, grease particles, oil etc

  • Stage 3 - Electrostatic collector plates trap sub-micron particles

  • Stage 4 - Aluminium post filter

Available ESP Filters

ESP-2500 Dims: 540h x 694w x 620l mm

ESP-5000 Dims: 540h x 1243w x 620l mm

ESP-7500 Dims: 540h x 1790w x 620l mm

Download further information

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